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Pebblins: Poutine

Pebblins: Poutine

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Once Canada's most awarded fire-juggler, Poutine now spends most of his days tending to his rose garden. A staggering 77 different types of rose grow there, and he can tell you the proper botanical name of every one. Poutine was once sunbathing in his garden when a wild raccoon mistook him for a potato laying on the ground. At first he was startled, and a little scared. But he couldn't resist those sloppy little raccoon kisses. The raccoon (named Kyle) quickly realized that Poutine was inedible, and they ended up forming a years-long friendship– Poutine welcoming Kyle into the garden to nibble on the petals of spent roses while he spun tales of his days fire-juggling for awestruck audiences across Ottowa, Toronto and Saskatoon.

Pebblins pebble friends are #MadeByMinglers from genuine rocks (responsibly sourced from Earth) with handmade faces, accessories and hair. Each Pebblin is unique—no two Pebblins look the same—and has their own personality. Every Pebblin comes with an official adoption certificate with the Pebblin Pledge for you to sign.

Approximately 4" tall.

This is a new, handmade item.

Please review the photos closely prior to purchase, and email us at you have any specific questions about the item, or would like more photos. **Pebblins are not eligible to be returned or exchanged, so make sure you choose your new friend wisely!

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